Developing Gwyddion

You are encouraged to become a developer of Gwyddion.

If you want to become developer, we recommend you to start with some simple modules (see module tutorial), to see how the application works. If you write a module or plug-in, you are encouraged to share it here with other Gwyddion users. Let us know, so that we can link your modules or plug-ins to these pages or even include in it Gwyddion. You don't have to limit yourself to modules or plug-ins of course, but they should be easier to start with.

API References

There are many functions that can help you while developing your module. See API reference at Documentation section of the project web.

Bug reports

We will be very happy if you send us bug reports if you find errors in Gwyddion. For doing this, please, specify as much as possible the situation that led to error, operating system and Gwyddion version used. You can also send us the SPM data that were being processed when the problem was found, this is necessary namely for reporting bugs related to file loading and saving.

The preferred bug reporting method is to send an e-mail to .