Compiling on MS Windows using MinGW

Although the standard MS Windows executables are created using cross-compilation it is also possible to build Gwyddion on MS Windows using the MinGW port of GNU tools to MS Windows. The standard MS Windows excutables also come with almost all the optional features packaged – the notable exception being Python scripting. Getting all these components work in MS Windows requires additional effort. However, the most likely reason for compiling on MS Windows is to obtain all the necessary files to develop and build standalone Gwyddion modules and for this purpose building all the optional components is not necessary.

The procedure is essentially the same as the normal Unix compilation. Some MinGW-specific remarks follow.

It has been reported that the Gtk+ 2.24.10 bundle can be successfully used. After installing it, set in the MSYS shell


where PATH-TO-GTK+ needs to be replaced with the actual Gtk+ installation directory.

To compile only the libraries, it may be useful to use the patch gwyddion-2.22-build-only-libs.patch described in the cross-compilation section. In addition, it seems that the MinGW libintl redefines printf() to libintl_printf() which it, however, does not provide. This leads to link failure of gwyddion.exe. This can be ‘fixed’ by simply removing include/libintl.h in the Gtk+ directory.