Gwyddion is a modular program for SPM data analysis. Primarily it is supposed to be used for analysis of height fields obtained by means of scanning probe microscopy techniques (AFM, MFM, STM, NSOM). However, it can be also used for any other height field and or (greyscale) image processing, for instance for the analysis of profilometry data or thickness maps from imaging spectrophotometry. Gwyddion is Free Software (and Open Source Software), covered by GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).

The main idea behind Gwyddion development is to provide modular program for 2D data analysis that could be easily extended by modules and plug-ins with no need of core recompilation. Moreover, the status of free software enables to provide source codes to developers and users, which makes the further program improvement easier.

Gwyddion can be currently used with Linux/Unix (including Mac OS X) and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Both families of systems can be used also for development. For graphical interface, Gtk+ widget toolkit is used, therefore it can be basically ported on any system that is supported by Gtk+.

Gwyddion core development is currently funded by Czech Metrology Institute. The project started as a part of the Nanomet initiative (covered by Euromet) in August, 2004. It is supposed that more persons and institutions will participate on development. Project is open for anyone. Welcome…