Quantitative data processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy: associated data sets

Here the data sets for 2nd edition of the Quantitative data processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy book published by Elsevier are available for download. For more detailed description and suggestions of what can be done with the data please consult the book. All data are in the Gwyddion native GWY file format.

Example 3.1.: feedback loop effects simulation: ch3_feedback_loop_effects.gwy
Example 3.2.: drifts estimation from regular sample: ch3_drift.gwy
Example 3.3.: drifts estimation by two points method: ch3_drift_two_points.gwy
Example 3.4.: denoising procedure based on fast axis change: ch3_xy_scanaxis.gwy
Example 3.5.: irregularly sampled data handling: ch3_irregular_data.gwy
Example 4.1.: data leveling: ch4_leveling.gwy
Example 4.2.: data synthesis algorithms: ch4_data_synthesis.gwy
Example 5.1.: direct dimensional measurements: ch5_direct_dimensional_measurements.gwy
Example 5.2.: roughness parameters evaluation: ch5_roughness.gwy
Example 5.3.: tip shape estimation on known sample: ch5_tip_check.gwy
Example 5.4.: tip spape estimation on unknown sample: ch5_tip_blind.gwy
Example 5.5.: data synthesis and tip operations: ch5_tip_operations.gwy
Example 5.6.: digital image correlation: ch5_dic.gwy
Example 6.1.: force distance curves: ch6_fdcurve_delamination.gwy
Example 6.2.: z-modulation data for viscoelastic properties mapping: ch6_zmodulation_nanocomposite.gwy
Example 6.3.: advanced mechanical properties mapping regimes: ch6_blend_qnmdata.gwy
Example 6.4.: topography artifacts on adhesion channel: ch6_qnm_adhesion_artifacts.gwy
Example 7.1.: lateral force simulation on a wedge sample: ch7_wedge_simulation.gwy
Example 7.2.: lateral force measurements on a wedge sample: ch7_wedge.gwy
Example 7.3.: atomic scale friction on HOPG sample: ch7_hopg.gwy
Example 8.1.: EFM data resolution vs. lift height: ch8_efm_lifts.gwy
Example 8.2.: KPFM data resolution vs. lift height: ch8_kpfm_lifts.gwy
Example 9.1.: MFM on a hard disc sample: ch9_harddisc.gwy
Example 9.2.: MFM on a perpendicular domains sample: ch9_perpendicular_domains.gwy
Example 10.1.: conductive AFM data on silicon microcrystals: ch10_silicon_tuna.gwy
Example 10.2.: piezoresponse force microscopy data example: ch10_pfm_ppln.gwy
Example 11.1.: thermal conductivity contrast on delaminated sample: ch11_delamination.gwy
Example 11.2.: temperature artefacts on heated heterogeneous structure: ch11_gas_sensor.gwy
Example 12.1.: SNOM data on aluminium islands: ch12_snom_standard_sample.gwy
Example 12.2.: interference effects on a delaminated sample: ch12_snom_delamination.gwy

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The data provided here are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.