Chapter 2. Installation

Table of Contents

Linux/Unix Packages
MS Windows Packages
Build Dependencies
Compilation on Linux/Unix
Mac OS X
Cross-Compiling for MS Windows
Compiling on MS Windows using MinGW
Compiling on MS Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio
Subversion Checkout, Development

Gwyddion source code and binaries can be downloaded from the download web page of the project, or alternatively from raw download page. The installation varies depending on the operating system and the various installation methods will be described in the following sections.

Gwyddion needs or can utilise various software libraries, described in section Build Dependencies. If you install binary packages you usually do not need to concern yourself with the required components as the packager has taken care of it and ensured that all are present. However, it is important if you compile Gwyddion from source code.

To play with Gwyddion you might also want to download the sample Gwyddion files. They are in native Gwyddion format and represent typical AFM data.