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gwyfract is a simple Mandelbrot set outside renderer. It uses Gwyddion libraries for false color 2D data display, selections and some infrastructure. Despite being a toy renderer, it has a few cool features:

Source code tarball (bzip2): gwyfract-.tar.bz2
Source code tarball (gzip): gwyfract-.tar.gz

See README in the tarballs for some usage notes.

Compilation requirements

(1) I don't know how to detect the number of processors on MS Windows and namely it's bloody too hard to use third-party libraries (GNU MP) there. Feel free to prove me wrong though. (Yeti)

gwyfract control window screenshot gwyfract rendering window screenshot
Screenshot of gwyfract showing the control window and the rendering window with mild deep zoom (precision just slightly above what the machine long double provides).

discrete iteration count Mandelbrot set rendering smooth limit Mandelbrot set rendering
Comparison of traditional discrete iteration count rendering and smooth rendering.

unenhanced Mandelbrot set detail ehnanced Mandelbrot set detail
Comparison of a normal pixel-for-pixel with image enhanced with “unfair antialiasing”.

linear color mapping on a Mandelbrot set detail sqrt-log color mapping on a Mandelbrot set detail adaptive color mapping on a Mandelbrot set detail
Comparison of several mapping types (linear, sqrt-log and adaptive) on a Mandelbrot set detail.

1.14 (yeti, 2014-06-08 11:10:03)
© David Nečas and Petr Klapetek

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