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Download the current stable version Gwyddion 2.66:
Source code,
RPMs, Fedora, Flatpak, SuSE, Gentoo, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, Solus, Slackware,
Mac OS X,
MS Windows.

Boldface denotes packages built by the main developers. They are generally available when a new release is announced. Others are updated on their own schedule by volunteers and other third parties.

Other downloads:
Nightly development snapshots,
Old versions,
Sample data files.

See also Gwyddion download at SourceForge and chapter Installation of the user guide.

Downloadable from their own pages: User guide, Gwyddion apps.

Stable version

Version 2.66, released 24 May 2024. See the documentation for installation details.

See the news for an overview of changes in this version.

Source code

Source tarball (xz): gwyddion-2.66.tar.xz2024-05-245.14 MB
PGP/GnuPG signature: gwyddion-2.66.tar.xz.sig2024-05-24114 B
Source tarball (gzip): gwyddion-2.66.tar.gz2024-05-248.91 MB
PGP/GnuPG signature: gwyddion-2.66.tar.gz.sig2024-05-24114 B

Linux RPMs

There are too many RPM-based GNU/Linux distributions (and too many architectures) Gwyddion can run on. Binary rpms were more confusing than helpful and therefore they are no longer published. Check whether your distribution provides a package (and prod it lightly if it does not), known distribution-provided RPMs are listed below.

You can build a rpm directly from the source code tarball:

rpmbuild -tb gwyddion-2.66.tar.xz

If it fails on your distribution, please report it as a bug and we will try to fix the compatibility problems. Since Gwyddion is primarily developed on Fedora the RPM package is probably most tested on Fedora, but it is adapted to other distributions too.

Fedora RPMs

Gwyddion packages are available in a DNF/Yum repository on this site. This repository closely follows development and mostly offers only packages for the x86_64 architecture and current version of Fedora. Install the repository configuration package:

F39 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-39-1.fc39.noarch.rpm2024-05-249.48 kB
F38 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-38-1.fc38.noarch.rpm2024-05-249.46 kB
F37 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-37-1.fc37.noarch.rpm2024-05-249.55 kB
F36 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-36-1.fc36.noarch.rpm2024-05-249.48 kB
F35 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-35-1.fc35.noarch.rpm2024-05-249.43 kB
F34 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-34-1.fc34.noarch.rpm2024-05-249.45 kB
F33 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-33-1.fc33.noarch.rpm2024-05-249.44 kB
F32 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-32-2.fc32.noarch.rpm2024-05-249.27 kB

which makes Gwyddion packages available.

The following are preserved for posterity (and laggards) but no longer updated:

F31 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-31-1.fc31.noarch.rpm2022-11-038.98 kB
F30 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-30-1.fc30.noarch.rpm2022-05-029.25 kB
F29 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-29-1.fc29.noarch.rpm2021-08-119.34 kB
F28 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-28-1.fc28.noarch.rpm2021-08-119.59 kB
F27 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-27-1.fc27.noarch.rpm2019-04-069.41 kB
F26 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-26-1.fc26.noarch.rpm2018-11-149.29 kB
F25 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-25-1.fc25.noarch.rpm2018-11-149.21 kB
F24 repository configuration: gwyddion-release-24-1.fc24.noarch.rpm2018-02-079.13 kB

Beside the gwyddion repository the configuration may also include gwyddion-mingw. It is not meant for general use and is disabled by default. It contains additional and replacement MinGW cross-compilation packages, usually kept up to date only for one or two Fedora versions.

Flatpak app

Gwyddion is available as a Flatpak app, installable in a bunch different Linux distributions. The app name is net.gwyddion.Gwyddion. Once you have added the main flathub remote, you can install Gwyddion simply by

flatpak --user install net.gwyddion.Gwyddion

or without --user for system installation.

SuSE Linux RPMs

A Gwyddion package is available in OpenSuSE in the science repository. See the gwyddion package status for more. The package seems to be stuck at an older version.

Gentoo Linux package

Gwyddion is now available to Gentoo users through the Portage tree. Just do

emerge gwyddion

It may be masked though (at the time of writing this it's masked as a new package) so you may need to add


to /etc/portage/package.keywords. See Gentoo sci-visualization/gwyddion package page for current package status.

Ubuntu package

Ubuntu packages should be available from the universe repository since Ubuntu 8.04, installable as usual by issuing

sudo apt-get install gwyddion

(or using your favourite package management front end, of course), see also package information.

Since it typically takes a few months for a new version to appear in the official repository, you might also wish to use the custom Gwyddion repository maintained by Nicola Ferralis, see for more.

Packages in Ubuntu 20.04 are unfortunately completely broken. The program runs but without any modules – making it useless. You need to use the PPA.

Linux Mint

Linux Mint contains a Gwyddion package which seems to be updated sort of semi-regularly. See the gwyddion package status in Linux Mint.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux package is available in the AUR community repository, see the gwyddion package status in AUR.


Solus contains a Gwyddion package; see the package repository.


A Slackware build script for Gwyddion, maintained by Даниил Браташов, is available at SlackBuilds.

Mac OS X

Three major collections of Unix software for OS X, MacPorts (formerly DarwinPorts), Fink, and Homebrew, offer Gwyddion packages.

The MacPorts port, maintained by Rolf Würdemann, can be installed as science/gwyddion by standard means.

If you use Fink, you can install the gwyddion package using dselect or apt-get. This package seems to be maintained somewhat less actively, though.

If you prefer Homebrew for software installation, there is a Gwyddion package available.

See also OS X Installation section of the user guide.

MS Windows

Win32 installer: Gwyddion-2.66.win32.exe
Win64 installer: Gwyddion-2.66.win64.exe

The 32bit MS Windows executables include support for Python 2.7 scripting but you need to install Python (and pygtk) yourself if you want to use it. See instructions in the user guide.

The 64bit executables do not include Python scripting support yet.

If you upgrade from version 2.22 or older please see this information before. If you upgrade from version 2.31 or older we recommend to uninstall the old version and install the new version afresh.

The latest development snapshot that succeeded to build. Note a successful build doesn't mean it runs or works properly. It may be incompatible with previous and/or future versions in intricate ways. Do not install it unless you know what you are doing. For serious use, we recommend to use the stable versions.

Stable branch (2.x):

Source tarball (xz): gwyddion-head.tar.xz2024-06-205.15 MB
Source tarball (gzip): gwyddion-head.tar.gz2024-06-208.94 MB
Win32 Installer: Gwyddion-head.win32.exe2024-06-2024.6 MB
Win64 Installer: Gwyddion-head.win64.exe2024-06-2024.4 MB

An Ubuntu PPA with the development version, maintained by Nicola Ferralis, also available as well as a script building the development snapshots on OS X.

What are the changes since version 2.66? See the top of NEWS file in the code repository. It may not be updated immediately after each change though.


We occasionally publish standalone source code patches fixing annoying problems or omissions in the last stable version that can be easily corrected.

Patches for version 2.66:


Sample data files

To see Gwyddion at work even if none of the formats you use is currently supported (file format list), you can download some sample data files in Gwyddion native format.

Available sample data files:

Version 1 files
Microchip surface: chip.gwy2011-05-11703 kB
ZnTe epitaxial film surface: znte.gwy2011-05-111.91 MB
Interferometric grid surface: bipm.gwy2011-05-111.91 MB
Version 2 files
All three surfaces: samples.gwy2011-05-114.5 MB
Gwyddion simple field files
Microchip surface: chip.gsf2011-05-11352 kB

See also sample data files accompanying the 2nd edition of Quantitative data processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy.

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© David Nečas and Petr Klapetek

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