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Miscellaneous resources and links that do not fit anywhere else are listed here. Some are generally useful, most are useless for non-developers.

See Communicate for mailing lists and other contact information.

Software databases & media,
Module browser,
Build logs,
GnuPG/GPG keys.

Software databases & media

Records in various databases, third-party information and tutorials. With a few exceptions, they were created by whatever third party created them. They may contain useful information but linking them here means no ‘official endorsement’.

And as a utterly bizarre bonus, Physics Today blog post about Gwyddion, the Czech prime minister and other unrelated things.

Module browser

An alternative of in-application Gwyddion module browser is also available on-line, in two forms:

Dynamically expandingPlain expanded table
English English, dynamic English, expanded
French French, dynamic French, expanded
Russian Russian, dynamic Russian, expanded


The Subversion repository, hosted on, can be browsed on-line or accessed using a subversion client (read-only if you are not a developer). Note that suggests to checkout the entire trunk which is normally a bad idea; more likely you will want to checkout a specific module, i.e. a subdirectory in the trunk.

Recent commits are summarised on-line and also can be viewed using the interface. The CIA service does not work since the upgrade so you will only find old commits there.

Repository layout:


The main line of development. It contains subdirectories with individual modules:

Gwyddion itself.
Gwyddion user guide.
Sample standalone module
Gwyddion file inspector, see gwydump.
Sample SPM file viewer, see Applications.
Sample batch SPM file processing program, see Applications.
Fractal renderer example application, see Applications.
Scripts to build the documentation in a form includable on this site.

Branches are typically created when new unstable version forks off. The stable version then gets a branch here while the unstable version continues in trunk. Branches of all modules reside here.

Corresponds to the old (now discontinued) stable serie 1.x.
Fork of version 2.5 with bug fixes backported from 2.6. Intended for promotional CDs handed out at a SPM workshop taking place in Vílanec u Jihlavy in April 2007.
Dedicated to the development of spectra import, visualization and analysis. It was merged into trunk in 2.6 development cycle.
The calibration/uncertainty framework. It was merged into trunk in 2.23 development cycle.
OpenMP parallelization. It was merged to trunk in 2.53 development cycle.
Experimental volume data widgets and generators. Currently under development.
Highly experimental code that might someday become Gwyddion 4. Or perhaps not.

Tagged versions of all modules reside here. Tags corresponding to released versions are named exactly as the packages: version 1.15 of gwyddion corresponds to tag gwyddion-1.15.

To see revision NNN go to

Nightly build logs

Note the Linux and MS Windows builds are generally performed each night. The OS X build is, at present, performed occasionally.

Linux x86_64 build log: linux-build.log2024-07-133.88 kB
Linux x86_64 pygwy build log: pygwy.log2024-07-1349.7 kB
User guide build log: user-guide-build.log2024-07-132.46 kB
MinGW32 cross-build log: mingw32-build.log2024-07-13205 kB
MinGW64 cross-build log: mingw64-build.log2024-07-13170 kB
OS X build log: mac_build.log
Missing documentation log (full): documentation-undocumented.log2024-07-137.87 kB
Coding style log (full): coding-style.log2024-07-13297 kB
Top 20 coding style offenders: coding-style-byfile-top20.log2024-07-13792 B
Top 20 coding style errors: coding-style-bytype-top20.log2024-07-13772 B


Current development POT-file (updated nightly) to check what has changed or to base your translation on:

POT file: gwyddion.pot2024-07-13460 kB

You are encouraged to test your translations live which should give you an up to date POT file as a side effect. However, for small updates or checks what has changed this file can be useful.

Translation statistics:

Language Translated% Fuzzy% Missing% Total Graph
cs 477098.43 551.13 210.43 4846 
de 121124.99 207642.84 155932.17 4846 
en_GB 477098.43 561.16 200.41 4846 
fr 438890.55 3938.11 651.34 4846 
it 283758.54 148630.66 52310.79 4846 
ja 382878.99 82617.04 1923.96 4846 
ko 58212.01 135627.98 290860.01 4846 
pt_BR 329668.01 123125.40 3196.58 4846 
ru 477098.43 541.11 220.45 4846 
es 84117.35 137828.44 262754.21 4846 


Current development API documentation symbol coverage statistics:

Library Fully% Partially% Missing% Total Graph
libgwyapp 76294.42 111.36 344.21 807 
libgwyddion 56993.89 101.65 274.46 606 
libgwydgets 96085.33 474.18 11810.49 1125 
libgwydraw 10495.41 00.00 54.59 109 
libgwymodule 13890.79 10.66 138.55 152 
libgwyprocess 105990.13 403.40 766.47 1175 


Vim syntax highlighting file for Gwyddion identifiers that completes the Gtk+ et al. syntax highlighting (rebuilt nightly):

Vim syntax file: gwyddion.vim2024-07-13111 kB

Signing Keys

Released source code tarballs are signed with GnuPG/PGP key

"David Nečas (Yeti) <>", id 62A07732
fingerprint = 263F 9B1E C1E0 5261 C689  D83B 00FD D1D0 62A0 7732

that can be fetched from a keyserver or here.

1.111 (yeti, 2020-12-07 12:46:03)
© David Nečas and Petr Klapetek

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