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Subversion commits

Recent commits to Gwyddion subversion repository:

r22780 by dn2010 on today 05:51:31 in gwyddion

- Russian translation updated

Modified: ru.po

r22779 by yeti-dn on 2020-03-24 08:42:38 in gwyddion

- typecast raw points in get_data_pointer() to unsigned longs, not signed

Modified: pygwy.override

r22778 by dn2010 on 2020-03-21 19:48:03 in user-guide

- Russian translation updated a bit

Modified: installation-ms-windows.xml

r22777 by yeti-dn on 2020-03-05 13:42:30 in gwyddion

- fixed error estimates being calculated according to the old matrix

Modified: terracefit.c

r22776 by yeti-dn on 2020-03-03 23:53:45 in gwyddion

- fixed vertically flipped images

Modified: hdf5file.c

r22775 by yeti-dn on 2020-03-03 17:42:07 in gwyddion

- trying to fix spectra reading
- ordinate scaling should be now according to Bruker
- worked around read_binary_data() using qbpp-based multiplier by compensating
- might be broken by rebasing

Modified: nanoscope.c

r22774 by yeti-dn on 2020-03-02 10:59:23 in gwyddion

- divide matrices and rhs by npixels
- does not change anything, but makes the diagonal elements of the order of 1

Modified: terracefit.c

r22773 by yeti-dn on 2020-03-02 10:42:48 in gwyddion

- improved a comment

Modified: graph_terraces.c

r22772 by yeti-dn on 2020-03-02 10:33:36 in gwyddion

- improve matrix condition numbers by coordinate rescaling

Modified: graph_terraces.c

r22771 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-27 23:23:50 in gwyddion

- fixed unmasked gwy_data_field_area_dh() using data from the wrong place in
  the data field

Modified: stats.c

r22770 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-24 09:51:18 in gwyddion

- reverted error redirection disabling

Modified: pygwy-console.c

r22769 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-19 16:49:52 in gwyddion

- added minimum and maximum position to the available functions

Modified: linestats.c

r22768 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-19 16:49:31 in gwyddion

- implemented minimum and maximum position image linestat which work with

Modified: stats.c

r22767 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-11 12:39:08 in gwyddion

- do not run python2 commands using python3

Modified: gwyddion-build-log

r22766 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-11 12:25:20 in gwyddion

- added libtiff
- updated license list


r22765 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-11 12:22:34 in mingw32-cross-compile

- added libtiff

Modified: Copyright-libtiff.txt (new) licenses.txt copysysfiles

r22764 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-10 18:45:09 in mingw32-cross-compile

- added missing build requirements

Modified: mingw-hdf5.spec

r22763 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-10 17:47:44 in mingw32-cross-compile

- bumped package versions

Modified: gwyddion-release.spec mingw-gtk2.spec

r22762 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-10 12:25:37 in gwyddion

- temporarily disabled error redirection

Modified: pygwy-console.c

r22761 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-10 12:13:55 in gwyddion

- added some debugging code

Modified: pygwy.c

r22760 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-07 07:28:04 in mingw32-cross-compile

- do not run Python2 scripts using Python3

Modified: expandnsi

r22759 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-05 17:09:18 in gwyddion

- implemented correctly broadening survey scan

Modified: terracefit.c

r22758 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-05 13:23:25 in user-guide

- fixed swapped branches for old and new inkscape


r22757 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-05 13:22:03 in user-guide

- fixed shell syntax


r22756 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-05 13:20:59 in user-guide

- do not run python2 scripts using python3


r22755 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-05 13:13:26 in user-guide

- trying to make inkscape wrapper script to work with both 0.92 and 1.0
  style inskcape command line options

Modified: aclocal.m4

r22754 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-05 13:03:50 in gwyddion

- use correct variables when testing program versions


r22753 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-05 07:55:47 in gwyddion

- suppress gcc warnings when checking if headers are selfcontained

Modified: gwyddion-night-build

r22752 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-05 07:50:51 in gwyddion

- use HDF5_LDFLAGS, not just LIBS when linking with libhdf5


r22751 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-04 15:11:11 in gwyddion

- accommodate both 0.9x and 1.0 style inkscape command line options
- updated stock icon rules to support both
- improved software version checking messages


r22750 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 17:37:02 in gwyddion

- update survey item count when min/max parameters change

Modified: graph_terraces.c

r22749 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 17:36:12 in gwyddion

- implemented survey for image terrace fit
- broadening survey does not work yet because terrace_do() does not broaden

Modified: terracefit.c

r22748 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 17:22:16 in gwyddion

- typo fixed

Modified: correct-laplace.c

r22747 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 13:36:33 in gwyddion

- also need libaec.dll


r22746 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 13:31:25 in gwyddion

- bundle libzip.dll


r22745 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 13:30:50 in mingw32-cross-compile

- package sz with HDF5

Modified: Copyright-libaec.txt (new) licenses.txt copysysfiles

r22744 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 13:30:13 in mingw32-cross-compile

- build HDF5 with sz (libaec)

Modified: hdf5-szip-libname.patch (new) mingw-hdf5.spec

r22743 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 13:23:41 in mingw32-cross-compile

- added mingw libaec (sz replacement) spec file

Modified: mingw-libaec.spec (new)

r22742 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 12:48:44 in mingw32-cross-compile

- fixed summary and removed forced -j1 from make

Modified: mingw-hdf5.spec

r22741 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 09:38:56 in gwyddion

- bundle libdl


r22740 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 09:38:43 in mingw32-cross-compile

- updated licenses

Modified: LICENSE-HDF5.txt (new) licenses.txt

r22739 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 09:37:15 in mingw32-cross-compile

- we now also need dlfcn

Modified: copysysfiles

r22738 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 09:23:35 in gwyddion

- updated the kitchen sink of libraries we link pygwy with to make it work
  on MS Windows


r22737 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 09:20:16 in mingw32-cross-compile

- enabled HDF5

Modified: cross-build-32 cross-build-64

r22736 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 09:19:31 in mingw32-cross-compile

- include hdf5 in packages to bundle libraries from

Modified: copysysfiles

r22735 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 09:18:59 in gwyddion

- added HDF5 libraries


r22734 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 09:18:34 in mingw32-cross-compile

- install h5cc as a prefixed too to /usr/bin

Modified: mingw-hdf5.spec

r22733 by yeti-dn on 2020-02-03 08:38:04 in gwyddion

- include stdlib.h for atol()

Modified: hdf5file.c

r22732 by yeti-dn on 2020-01-31 18:03:09 in mingw32-cross-compile

- added %files sections
- package now builds

Modified: mingw-hdf5.spec

r22731 by yeti-dn on 2020-01-31 12:41:06 in gwyddion

- updated 2.56 news

Modified: NEWS

1.3 (yeti, 2014-06-08 11:10:03)
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