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Subversion commits

Recent commits to Gwyddion subversion repository:

r26047 by klapetek on 2023-12-02 21:33:32 in gwyddion

debugging module

Modified: volume_xystitch.c

r26046 by yeti-dn on 2023-12-01 09:52:36 in gwyddion

- in 3D view export, obtain the pixbuf immediately, not after closing the file export dialog

Modified: app.c

r26045 by yeti-dn on 2023-12-01 09:48:31 in gwyddion

- run explicitly gwy_3d_view_expose() in pixbuf exporting functions
- an ugly hack, trying to work around the frame buffer containing ‘whatever’,
  for instance pixels for a different 3D view

Modified: gwy3dview.c

r26044 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-29 09:48:57 in gwyddion

- updated 2.65 news

Modified: NEWS

r26043 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-28 17:16:33 in gwyddion

- improved the minratio & maxratio logic
- ensure the ratios are actually within the allowed parameter range (and not beyond)
- apply them immediately after loading parameters

Modified: scale.c

r26042 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-28 16:49:37 in gwyddion

- do not reset pattern type on Reset, just its parameters

Modified: cpde_synth.c

r26041 by klapetek on 2023-11-25 16:39:49 in gwyddion

wild polynomial experiments

Modified: volume_xystitch.c

r26040 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-25 15:18:34 in gwyddion

- removed default(none) for code where different OpenMP versions require
  mutually incompatible declarations for const variables

Modified: cpde_synth.c

r26039 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-24 12:06:54 in gwyddion

- always update preview zoom in do_correction()
- avoid odd preview sizes when entering values numerically while displaying corrected data

Modified: correct_affine.c

r26038 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-16 15:55:19 in gwyddion

- marked unfinished file modules as such

Modified: ambfile.c andorsif.c dimensionfile.c quazarnpic.c

r26037 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-16 15:54:06 in gwyddion

- removed hardcoded list of broken file modules
- use gwy_file_func_get_is_unfinished()

Modified: file.c

r26036 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-16 15:49:15 in gwyddion

- added a function for file modules to mark themselves as broken

Modified: gwymodule-file.c gwymodule-file.h

r26035 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-16 15:30:28 in gwyddion

- formatted to 120 columns

Modified: gwymodule-file.c

r26034 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-16 15:02:45 in gwyddion

- simplified handling of the various bit depths
- added also 12 bits since we now can read it

Modified: gwytiff.h

r26033 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-16 15:02:01 in gwyddion

- implemented the 12bit raw data type
- improved gwy_convert_raw_data() documentation

Modified: gwyutils.c

r26032 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-15 17:02:04 in gwyddion

- added support for 1bit, 4bit and 24bit depths

Modified: gwytiff.h

r26031 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-15 16:30:43 in gwyddion

- fixing backward reading logic for bits and nibbles

Modified: gwyutils.c

r26030 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-15 15:33:23 in gwyddion

- fixed backward to forward transformation for raw int4 data conversion

Modified: gwyutils.c

r26029 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-15 12:47:22 in gwyddion

- working on single bit and nibble data conversion

Modified: gwyutils.c

r26028 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-15 12:15:44 in gwyddion

- fixed 0x80 vs 80 mixup

Modified: gwyutils.c

r26027 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-15 10:53:53 in gwyddion

- started adding rarer raw types like 1, 4, 12 and 24 bits

Modified: gwyutils.c gwyutils.h

r26026 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-14 15:03:05 in gwyddion

- physically read image datas (without any units or scales)

Modified: andorsif.c

r26025 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-14 13:53:15 in gwyddion

- go through all the channels, calculate and check raw data pointers
- try to parse the weird stuff at the end of Image struct

Modified: andorsif.c

r26024 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-14 13:07:37 in gwyddion

- sort of implemented reading of InstaImage versions 1.28 and 1.31

Modified: andorsif.c

r26023 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-14 10:44:14 in gwyddion

- simplified separator logic, simply look for either space or newline
- should be reading 1.23 header

Modified: andorsif.c

r26022 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-13 13:01:16 in gwyddion

- trying maje adjustments for a v1.23 file

Modified: andorsif.c

r26021 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-13 12:42:44 in gwyddion

- read all image structs

Modified: andorsif.c

r26020 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-13 12:16:13 in gwyddion

- read calib_image

Modified: andorsif.c

r26019 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-13 11:52:41 in gwyddion

- reading of shutter and shamrock_save works

Modified: andorsif.c

r26018 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-13 10:47:22 in gwyddion

- read more structs

Modified: andorsif.c

r26017 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-13 10:19:01 in gwyddion

- defined structs for most of the records in the file
- refactored the code a bit to read multiple structs

Modified: andorsif.c

r26016 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-10 17:07:05 in gwyddion

- started Andor SIF import module
- only some header parsing done

Modified: andorsif.c (new)

r26015 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-10 17:06:42 in gwyddion

- got rid of a couple more manual container key mangling

Modified: rhk-spm32.c

r26014 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-10 14:00:08 in gwyddion

- rewrote to use gwy_convert_raw_data()

Modified: rhk-spm32.c

r26013 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-10 10:36:26 in gwyddion

- added a note about Predictor

Modified: gwytiff.h

r26012 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-10 10:13:31 in gwyddion

- switched to GwyTIFF based code
- added a few buffer overflow checks for format-specific data not covered by gwy_tiff_ifd_is_vaild()

Modified: zeisslsm.c

r26011 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-09 17:43:14 in gwyddion

- return higher score for images with > 4 channels because GdkPixbuf import is not likely
  to be useful with them


r26010 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-09 17:38:24 in gwyddion

- rewrote TIFF-related code to use GwyTIFF
- currently can be switched with the old code using a #define
- also added a couple of helper function for colours

Modified: zeisslsm.c

r26009 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-09 15:12:14 in gwyddion

- import TIFFs with any number of channels, just call them Channel 1 to N then


r26008 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-09 15:11:26 in gwyddion

- allow extra (harmless) items in fields like StripOffsets because people are idiots

Modified: gwytiff.h

r26007 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-09 14:36:33 in gwyddion

- commented out the image-is-not-palette check because people are idiots

Modified: gwytiff.h

r26006 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-09 14:06:05 in gwyddion

- added helper function gwy_tiff_entry_get_data_pointer() which handles the check
  if value fits into the tag itself

Modified: gwytiff.h

r26005 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-09 13:17:31 in gwyddion

- fixed buffer overflow in tiled image reading and improved code readability
- removed again support for non-uniform bits per sample; it is not even posible to write such files
  using libtiff

Modified: gwytiff.h jeoltem.c jpkscan.c magellan.c tescan.c

r26004 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-09 10:41:10 in gwyddion

- fixed SubFileType vs. NewSubFileType mixup; read both properly now
- reject palette images and images with predictor as unsupported
- removed unsupported guard from compressed tiled images

Modified: gwytiff.h

r26003 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-09 10:04:27 in gwyddion

- make Synthetic menu more hierarchical, creating Noise and Order and Disorder submenus

Modified: anneal_synth.c cpde_synth.c domain_synth.c fbm_synth.c fft_synth.c lno_synth.c noise_synth.c phase_synth.c

r26002 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-08 17:15:33 in gwyddion

- implemented separated planes and compression for tiled TIFFs
- no idea whether they really work

Modified: gwytiff.h

r26001 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-08 15:47:23 in gwyddion

- made separate plane config work for striped images

Modified: gwytiff.h

r26000 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-08 14:20:11 in gwyddion

- be more careful when reading types when may or may not fit into the tag
- fixes failure to read some of BigTIFF examples
- possibly read rowstride to a per-channel array (needed for planar config with nonuniform sample sizes)
- silently accept more bits per sample values than there are actual channels (seen in the wild)
- more preparation for separate planar config reading

Modified: gwytiff.h lextfile.c

r25999 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-07 16:12:35 in gwyddion

- read bits per sample to an array if they are nonuniform
- added some more checks and comments where we need modifications for planar configuration

Modified: gwytiff.h

r25998 by yeti-dn on 2023-11-07 13:30:09 in gwyddion

- use gwy_convert_raw_data() in the TIFF reader
- replaced bits_per_sample reader field with uniform_bits_per_sample
- preparation for nonuniform

Modified: gwytiff.h jeoltem.c jpkscan.c magellan.c tescan.c

1.3 (yeti, 2014-06-08 11:10:03)
© David Nečas and Petr Klapetek

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