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User documentation, Manual pages, Pygwy documentation, Developer documentation, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).


User documentation

The Gwyddion User guide is available in several languages. The English version is primary; the other language versions are generally updated with a delay and may or may not be as complete as the English guide.

The guide is updated continuously and reflects the current stable version of Gwydion. Shortly before the release of a new version, it can occasionaly already describe features present only in the development snapshots of Gwyddion.

HTML version for on-line browsing:


the same HTML version, packed to an archive:

English, HTML archive: gwyddion-user-guide-xhtml-en.tar.gz2024-06-2017.1 MB
French, HTML archive: gwyddion-user-guide-xhtml-fr.tar.gz2024-06-2011 MB
Russian, HTML archive: gwyddion-user-guide-xhtml-ru.tar.gz2024-06-2018.4 MB

and PDF version suitable for printing:

English, PDF (A4 paper): gwyddion-user-guide-en.pdf2024-06-2017.6 MB
French, PDF (A4 paper): gwyddion-user-guide-fr.pdf2024-06-2010.9 MB
Russian, PDF (A4 paper): gwyddion-user-guide-ru.pdf2024-06-2018.9 MB

Known problems in the PDF version:

DocBook source: gwyddion-user-guide.tar.gz2024-06-2026.7 MB

Gwyddion user guide can be copied, distributed and/or modified under the terms of either GNU General Public License or GNU Free Documentation License.

Manual pages

Unix manual pages of Gwyddion commands are now part of the user guide:


Pygwy documentation

Python scripting introduction and general description can be found in the pygwy section of the user guide.

See also the installation chapter which describes how to get python scripting working in different operating systems.

The Python API documentation lists all the available classes, methods and functions. It it is mostly generated from the C API documentation, therefore it can be occasionally a bit confusing (read: wrong).

Developer documentation

Developer documentation consists of API reference of Gwyddion libraries (for core developers and module authors), and Module tutorial (for module writers) and Plug-in proxy reference (for plug-in writers) that are included in libgwymodule documentation.

Two different versions of API documentation exist: stable which describes the last stable Gwyddion version (currently 2.66); and the nightly generated one, which reflects whatever state the source tree currently is. Gwyddion version a function or other symbol was introduced in is noted in its entry, at least in the stable documentation. API documentation is also present in source tarballs and development packages.

Stable (2.66)

Subversion trunk (head)

1.113 (yeti, 2018-11-08 11:47:13)
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