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Gwyddion Widgets Library Reference Manual

For Gwyddion 2.48. The latest version of this document can be found on-line at

Data Windows and Views
GwyDataWindow — Data display window
GwyDataView — Data field displaying area
GwyDataViewLayer — Layer GwyDataView is composed of
GwyPixmapLayer — Base class for GwyDataView pixmap layers
GwyVectorLayer — Base class for GwyDataView vector (interactive) layers
GwyLayerBasic — Display data colored with a gradient
GwyLayerMask — Display data as color mask
GwyColorAxis — Simple axis with a false color scale
Standard Vector Layers — Vector layers that are distributed with Gwyddion
GwyGraph — Widget for displaying graphs
GwyGraphWindow — Graph display window
GwyGraphModel — Representation of a graph
GwyGraphCurveModel — Representation of one graph curve
GwyGraphArea — Layout for drawing graph curves
GwyAxis — Axis with ticks and labels
GwyGraphBasics — Common graph functions and utilities
GwyGraphLabel — Graph curve key
GwyGraphData — Graph data table
GwyGraphCurves — Graph curve list
GwyGraphCorner — Graph corners
GwySelectionGraph1DArea — Graph region selection
GwySelectionGraphArea — Area-wise graph selection
GwySelectionGraphLine — Single coordinate graph selection
GwySelectionGraphPoint — Point-wise graph selection
GwySelectionGraphZoom — Graph zoom selection
3D Widgets
Gwy3DView — OpenGL 3D data display
Gwy3DWindow — 3D data display window
Gwy3DSetup — 3D scene setup
Gwy3DLabel — Label on Gwy3DView
General Widgets
GwyAdjustBar — Compact adjustment visualisation and modification
GwyColorButton — A color displaying button
GwyCurve — Widget that displays editable curves
GwyRuler — Base class for GwyHRuler and GwyVRuler
GwyHRuler — Horizontal ruler, similar to GtkRuler
GwyVRuler — Vertical ruler, similar to GtkRuler
GwyMarkerBox — Base class for box with movable markers.
GwyHMarkerBox — A box with movable horizontal markers.
GwySciText — Text entry with markup and special symbol helper widgets
GwyStatusbar — Statusbar with Pango markup support
GwyShader — Spherical angle selector
GwyInventoryStore — GtkTreeModel wrapper around GwyInventory
GwyNullStore — GtkTreeModel wrapper around nothing
Widget Utilities
gwydgets — Base functions
gwydgetenums — Common enumerations
gwydgetutils — Miscellaneous widget utilities
gwystock — Stock icons
gwyoptionmenus — Resource selectors
gwygrainvaluemenu — Grain value display/selector
gwycombobox — Combo box constructors
gwyradiobuttons — Radio button constructors for enums
GwySensitivityGroup — Control widget sensitivity by flags
Index of all symbols
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 2.1
Index of new symbols in 2.3
Index of new symbols in 2.5
Index of new symbols in 2.7
Index of new symbols in 2.8
Index of new symbols in 2.11
Index of new symbols in 2.14
Index of new symbols in 2.16
Index of new symbols in 2.22
Index of new symbols in 2.23
Index of new symbols in 2.26
Index of new symbols in 2.29
Index of new symbols in 2.34
Index of new symbols in 2.37
Index of new symbols in 2.38
Index of new symbols in 2.39
Index of new symbols in 2.41
Index of new symbols in 2.42
Index of new symbols in 2.43
Index of new symbols in 2.45
Index of new symbols in 2.46
Index of new symbols in 2.48
Index of new symbols in 2.49

This library contains Gwyddion extension Gtk+ widgets and widget utilities.

© David Nečas and Petr Klapetek

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