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gwydgets — Base functions


void gwy_widgets_type_init ()
gboolean gwy_widgets_gl_init ()
GdkGLConfig * gwy_widgets_get_gl_config ()

Types and Values

typedef GdkGLConfig


#include <libgwydgets/gwydgets.h>


Gwyddion classes has to be initialized before they can be safely deserialized. The function gwy_type_init() performs this initialization.

Before 3D widgets (Gwy3DView) can be used, OpenGL must be initialized with gwy_widgets_gl_init().


gwy_widgets_type_init ()

gwy_widgets_type_init (void);

Makes libgwydgets types safe for deserialization and performs other initialization. You have to call this function before using widgets and objects from libgwydgets.

Calls gwy_draw_type_init() first to make sure libgwydraw is initialized.

It is safe to call this function more than once, subsequent calls are no-op.

gwy_widgets_gl_init ()

gwy_widgets_gl_init (void);

Configures an OpenGL-capable visual for 3D widgets.

Use gwy_widgets_get_gl_config() to get the framebuffer configuration.

This function must be called before OpenGL widgets can be used.


TRUE if an appropriate visual was found. If Gwyddion was compiled without OpenGL support, it always returns FALSE.

gwy_widgets_get_gl_config ()

GdkGLConfig *
gwy_widgets_get_gl_config (void);

Returns OpenGL framebuffer configuration for 3D widgets.

Call gwy_widgets_gl_init() first.


The OpenGL framebuffer configuration, NULL if OpenGL initialization was not successfull.

Types and Values


typedef void GdkGLConfig;

Placeholder typedef.

If Gwyddion is compiled with OpenGL (i.e., GtkGLExt) this is the real

GdkGLConfig. However, if Gwyddion is compiled without OpenGL

this type is typedefed as void.

Since one cannot actually use any of the Gwyddion OpenGL widgets if they are not enabled, this usually works well. However, it can break in the unlikely case one compiles with wibgwydgets that have OpenGL disabled and at the same time he uses GtkGLExt directly. In such case

GdkGLConfig is defined twice. The only known fix is not

to include gwydgets.h and GtkGLExt headers in the same source file.

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