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Unless you have specific reasons to discuss an issue with a particular person in private, please use a mailing list or web forum for Gwyddion discussion.

By sending private e-mails you waste everyone's time because anyone who has related questions cannot find and read the discussion and has to ask again.

Furthermore, two strategies how to reach the right person seem to be in general use when e-mailing directly: (a) write to someone and hope he will forward it to the right person (b) send the e-mail to everyone who could perhaps be the right recipient. Both waste everyone's time.

Mailing lists

Gwyddion mailing lists are hosted on SourceForge, see SF Gwyddion mailing list page. There are two lists:

gwyddion-users intended for discussion of Gwyddion use and SPM in general. If you want to ask how to do something using Gwyddion or have troubles installing it – this is the right place. You can subscribe on the gwyddion-users SourceForge page.

gwyddion-devel intended for Gwyddion development discussion, including module development, packaging, etc. You can subscribe on gwyddion-devel SourceForge page.

Note only subscribers can post to these lists. This measure keeps the lists spam-free.

The list management software replies automatically to invalid posts (from non-subscribed addresses, with huge attachments, ...) that your post is held for approval. In fact, such posts are discarded. If your receive the automated reply please ignore it, correct the problem and then post again.

Web forum

A web forum for general Gwyddion-related discussion is also hosted on

Note you need to log in to SourceForge to post.

Personal contact

As noted above please use the mailing list or web forum for questions and general discussion.

The official contact (whatever it means) and leader of scientific part of the project is Petr, microscopy-related questions should be directed to him. Bugs should be reported to him.

On the technical side the project is being led by David. Should you have porting, packaging, translation, and inner working of things questions, he's the right one to ask.

See also file AUTHORS in the source code (or the list below) for responsibilities, and areas of expertise. Authors of individual modules can be looked up also in the module browser, either in Gwyddion as Meta → Module list, or here on-line.

Petr Klapetek
Department of Nanometrology
Czech Metrology Institute
Okružní 31, 638 00, Brno
Czech Republic

David Nečas (Yeti)
Development of Methods for Analysis and Measuring
CEITEC – Central European Institute of Technology
Brno University of Technology
Purkyňova 123, 612 00, Brno
Czech Republic


Contributors are listed in alphabetical order.


Christopher Anderson,
2D FFT filtering, MI file import, GwyCurve, Gradient editor, user interface improvements, docs, miscellaneous.
Vinicius Barboza,
Otsu thresholding.
François Bianco,
Omicron flat file format import.
Jindřich Bílek,
Fractal algorithms.
Даниил Браташов,
NT-MDT improvements namely MDA frame import and old MDA import, Nanoeducator, WIP, TIA SER and NanoScanTech import, Mutual crop, DoS, K-means modules.
Christian Bühler,
Pygwy volume data processing module type and other volume data processing improvements.
Matthew Caldwell,
IonScope SICM file import.
Anna Campbellova,
Uncertainties of quantities calculated from calibrated data, apparent Young modulus module.
Lukáš Chvátal,
Nanoindentation modules (the original ones, no longer present).
Owain Davies,
Single point spectra, Win32 maintenance.
Lennart Fricke,
3D view and pygwy improvements.
Gianfranco Gallizia,
APE DAX and APDT import module.
Petr Grolich,
MSVC compatibility and Win32 testing.
Sameer Grover,
Nanomagnetics NMI import module, drift correction improvements.
Андрей Груздев,
Mac OS X integration, NT-MDT import improvements.
Martin Hasoň,
ISO roughness tool.
Jan Hořák,
Python interface, Win32 remote control, SPML and other file import modules.
Dirk Kähler,
Scale improvements.
Antony Kikaxa,
NanoScanTech format improvements.
Petr Klapetek,
SPM expertise, 1D and 2D data processing, calibrations framework, graphs, most of nontrivial tools and data filters, user guide.
Vojtěch Klapetek,
ARDF file import module.
Felix Kling,
Icons and other graphics.
Александр Ковалев,
Nanotop import module.
Niv Levy,
NetCDF import improvements.
David Nečas (Yeti),
Infrastructure, main app, module and plug-in system, data windows, file import, utilities, packaging, artwork, developer docs, web site, translation coordination.
Sven Neumann,
JPK file import, miscellaneous improvements.
Nenad Ocelic,
Ruby dump module and plug-ins, Distance tool.
Robb Puttock,
Magnetic force microscopy data processing.
Евгений Рябов,
K-means and K-medians modules.
Philipp Rahe,
Omicron MATRIX file import.
Vojtěch Salajka,
Numbered ticks and other color axis improvements.
Jeffrey J. Schwartz,
WinSTM and Anasys XML file import.
Martin Šiler,
OpenGL 3D data display, Levenberg-Marquardt minimization.
Radek Šlesinger,
GwyLawn curve map data object.
Luke Somers,
Median difference line correction.
Miroslav Valtr,
Win32 builds, miscellaneous.
Jozef Veselý,
Standalone python gwy module, old Nanoscope import improvements.
Thomas Wagner,
Corning Tropel UltraSort data reverse engineering and reading.
Rolf Würdemann,
OS X porting, Shader mixer.
Samo Ziberna,
APE DAX import module improvements.
Rok Zitko,
Createc and stmprg import modules, Kuwahara filter.


Даниил Браташов,
Julian Hofer,
Jeong Jiseong,
Petr Klapetek,
Philipp Leufke,
Sabrina Meindlhumer, None
Fellype do Nascimento,
Brazilian Portugese.
David Nečas (Yeti),
Ikuo Obataya,
Andrés Muñiz Piniella,
François Riguet,
French, Spanish.
Johannes Römer,
Livia Della Seta,
1.39 (yeti, 2021-01-07 10:16:52)
© David Nečas and Petr Klapetek

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