Gwyddion – Free SPM (AFM, SNOM/NSOM, STM, MFM, …) data analysis software


GwyGraph — Widget for displaying graphs
GwyGraphWindow — Graph display window
GwyGraphModel — Representation of a graph
GwyGraphCurveModel — Representation of one graph curve
GwyGraphArea — Layout for drawing graph curves
GwyAxis — Axis with ticks and labels
GwyGraphBasics — Common graph functions and utilities
GwyGraphLabel — Graph curve key
GwyGraphData — Graph data table
GwyGraphCurves — Graph curve list
GwyGraphCorner — Graph corners
GwySelectionGraph1DArea — Graph region selection
GwySelectionGraphArea — Area-wise graph selection
GwySelectionGraphLine — Single coordinate graph selection
GwySelectionGraphPoint — Point-wise graph selection
GwySelectionGraphZoom — Graph zoom selection
© David Nečas and Petr Klapetek

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