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Next version,
Series 2.x,
Version 3.0,
Version numbering,

Next stable version (2.67)

Expected release date: not set yet.

Features: See the NEWS file in svn trunk.

Series 2.x

The stable 2.x series will continue to be source and binary compatible (backward, i.e., newer modules may require newer Gwyddion versions, but old modules will continue to work in new versions without changes or recompilation). It will add new features and other improvements in a compatible manner.

Version 3.0

Maybe someday…

Some preliminary chaotic remarks and thoughts on incompatible changes to consider.

Version numbering

Gwyddion version numbering may seem silly at times. There is one firm rule, however: version number are always simply algorithmically comparable. The other rule is not so firm: one dot should be enough, at least for stable versions.

Major version number changes only after a large, fundamental changes that break compatibility. Minor version number then simply denotes release sequence number in a compatible version series. Except…

Nightly development shanpshots have .YYYYMMDD appended, where YYYYMMDD is the date of compilation. Due to the rule of comparability, .YYYYMMDD is appended to the previous stable version, not to the next. So that

1.7 < 1.7.20050105 < 1.8 < 1.99.7 < < 1.99.8

Version numbers of transitional development releases between major version have to be crammed into the free space between, so they look like x.99.y, where the x is the old major version and y is transitional release sequence number.

1.76 (yeti, 2014-06-08 11:10:03)
© David Nečas and Petr Klapetek

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