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Gwyddion Module Library Reference Manual (HEAD)

For Gwyddion 2.66.20240620. The latest version of this document can be found on-line at

Gwyddion Module Library
gwymoduleenums — Common enumerations
gwymoduleloader — Basic module loader interface
gwymodule-file — File loading and saving modules
gwymodule-process — Data processing modules
gwymodule-tool — Interactive tool modules
gwymodule-graph — Graph modules
gwymodule-layer — GwyDataView layer modules
gwymodule-volume — Volume data processing modules
gwymodule-cmap — Curve map data processing modules
gwymodulebrowser — Gwyddion module browser
Gwyddion Module Tutorial
Gwyddion Module Overview — Overview of Gwyddion modules
Minimal Module — Dissection of a minimal Gwyddion data processing module
Beyond the Minimal Module — Common module idioms
Data Processing Modules — More about data processing modules
File Modules — More about file modules
Graph Modules — More about graph modules
Tool Modules — More about tool modules
Layer Modules — More about layer modules
Gwyddion Module Installation — Compilation, distribution and installation of Gwyddion modules
Plug-in Proxy Reference
Plug-in Proxy Overview — Overview of Gwyddion plug-ins and the plugin-proxy module
Data Process Plug-ins — Data processing by external programs
File Type Plug-ins — Plug-in loading and/or saving third party data formats.
Dump Format — Dumb dump file format used for data exchange between plug-in proxy and plug-ins
RGI Registration Method — Alternate plug-in registration method using RGI files
Index of all symbols
Index of deprecated symbols
Index of new symbols in 2.1
Index of new symbols in 2.18
Index of new symbols in 2.25
Index of new symbols in 2.32
Index of new symbols in 2.36
Index of new symbols in 2.38
Index of new symbols in 2.45
Index of new symbols in 2.48
Index of new symbols in 2.49
Index of new symbols in 2.60
Index of new symbols in 2.65
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