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GwyGLMaterialEditor (HEAD)

GwyGLMaterialEditor — OpenGL material editor


void gwy_app_gl_material_editor ()


#include <app/gwyapp.h>


GwyGradientEditor is the application OpenGL material editor. The interface is currently extremely simple: gwy_app_gl_material_editor() invokes the editor (or brings it forward) and then it's user-controlled.


gwy_app_gl_material_editor ()

gwy_app_gl_material_editor (void);

Creates or presents OpenGL material editor.

Material editor is singleton, therefore if it doesn't exist, this function creates and displays it. If it already exists, it simply calls gtk_window_present() on the existing instance. It exists until it's closed by user.

© David Nečas and Petr Klapetek

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