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GwySelectionGraphZoom (HEAD)

GwySelectionGraphZoom — Graph zoom selection


GwySelection * gwy_selection_graph_zoom_new ()

Types and Values

struct GwySelectionGraphZoom
struct GwySelectionGraphZoomClass

Object Hierarchy

    ╰── GwySelection
        ╰── GwySelectionGraphZoom

Implemented Interfaces

GwySelectionGraphZoom implements GwySerializable.


#include <libgwydgets/gwydgets.h>


GwySelectionGraphZoom is used to represent zoom graph selections. Selection data consists of coordinate quadruples (x0, y0, x1, y1).

This selection type is completely identical to GwySelectionGraphArea and should probably not exist as a separate class.


gwy_selection_graph_zoom_new ()

GwySelection *
gwy_selection_graph_zoom_new (void);

Creates a new zoom-wise graph selection.


A new selection object.

Since: 2.1

Types and Values

struct GwySelectionGraphZoom

struct GwySelectionGraphZoom;

struct GwySelectionGraphZoomClass

struct GwySelectionGraphZoomClass {
    GwySelectionClass parent_class;
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