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Gwyddion Module Installation

Gwyddion Module Installation — Compilation, distribution and installation of Gwyddion modules


To be written. Meanwhile you can look at the threshold-example module how it copes with this issues.

Some highlights: On Unix systems, Gwyddion installs a pkg-config file with meta-information about the particular installation, so you can use pkg-config to find compiler and linker options and module installation directories. See pkg-config documentation for description of the standard options. The directory to install modules to can be obtained with pkg-config --variable gwymoduledir gwyddion.

On Win32 systems, Gwyddion installs a registry entry HKLM\Software\Gwyddion Development\1.0\Path containing the base directory, where development libraries and header files were installed.

A module is typically installed to a subdirectory of the module directory accodring to the type of the functions it provides. However the division into subdirectories exists only to ease human orientation in the pile of modules, the module loader does not make any consequences from module location. A module can be also placed directly into the main directory (e.g., plugin-proxy resides there because it does not actually fit into any of the categories).

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