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SPM workshop

In March, 22nd-23rd, 2011, a workshop on scanning probe microscopy will be organized as a continuation of former similar workshops in previous years. The workshop will be located in Valtice, and it will consist namely of a set of invited lectures.

The workshop will be organized by Czech Metrology Institute.

Scope and topics

The main topics will include scanning probe microscopy applications in metrology, special data processing methods and acquisition of physical data different from topography (local condictivity, optical and mechanical properties).

Between these topics we would like to focus namely on:

Registration, location

You can register by email sent to klapetek(at)gwyddion(dot)net.

Accomodation is pre-booked, but should be organized by participants individually

Hotel Hubertus is located directly at Valtice castle.

Sponsors, exhibiting companies

MT-M (main sponsor), RMI

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