Chapter 3. Getting Started

Table of Contents

Main Window
Data Browser
Managing Files
Data Window
Graph Window
False Color Mapping
Presentations and Masks
OpenGL 3D Data Display
Single Point Spectra
Volume Data
Curve Maps
XYZ Data
Image Export
Raw Data File Import
Specific Data Import
Text Data Export

This chapter introduces various basic concepts and terms, such as masks or selections, explains the organization of data in Gwyddion and describes the user interface.

The descriptions are relatively thorough and some of the topics near the end of the chapter, such as raw file import, might be considered advanced and not for everyday use. So, despite the name, it is not necessary to read this entire chapter to be able to work with Gwyddion. The Gwyddion user interface is intuitive and much can be discovered by playing. The clarification of the basic ideas and components provided here will hopefully ease the discovering.

You can also get help for the current function or window from within Gwyddion. Pressing F1 or clicking on the Help button will in most windows show a relevant part of the on-line version of this guide in a web browser. The starting page of guide can be displayed by InfoUser Guide. Of course, this works if you are on-line and Gwyddion finds a suitable web browser. See the settings tweaks if you want or need to tweak the setup, e.g. for an off-line version of the guide.


Command InfoTip of the Day displays data processing tips and highlights useful features that you might miss.