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Complete project news history. See also version history.

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2024-01-04: Version 2.65 “Arithmetic Amends” was released. It is mainly a bugfix release with a couple of smaller improvements. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.


2023-10-29: Version 2.64 “Delayed Drifter” was released. It brings the second large batch of new volume and XYZ data processing modules as well as support for several new file formats and greatly improved support for existing ones. It also adds the XKCD Painbow false colour gradient. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2023-08-01: We are happy to announce the publication of a Hardware X paper Scanning Probe Microscopy controller with advanced sampling support which gives an overview of Gwyscope. It is a low-cost open DSP controller for SPM focusing on demonstrating adaptive scanning, general XYZ data acquisition and statistical data processing at the controller level. More information about Gwyscope can be found at the project's website

2023-06-13: Version 2.63 “Voluntarily Volatile” was released. Beside the usual file format support and other improvements it brings mainly a bunch of new volume data processing modules. And more are to come. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2023-04-24: Version 1.6 of libgwyfile was released. It fixed a bug in handling of "segments" item in GwyLawn.

2023-03-08: We are happy to announce the publication of a Measurement Science and Technology paper Demystifying data evaluation in the measurement of periodic structures which revisits data evaluation methods for the measurement of period/pitch of periodic structures such as gratings. A 1D grating evaluation module based on this work is under development and present in recent nightly builds.

2023-01-03: Updated gwydump MS Windows executables were published, replacing the ancient ones no longer working with the libraries packaged with Gwyddion. Both 32bit and 64bit executables are now available.


2022-11-03: Version 2.62 “Getting there” was released. It is mainly continues with module code clean-up, but brings also a number of file format support and other improvements and bugfixes, as well as a couple of new curve map modules. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2022-09-15: The size of equations in the user guide was corrected and they should again display reasonably sized instead of tiny.

2022-05-13: A new version of the sample standalone module was released: threshold-example-2.6. It was rewritten to use GwyParams for parameter handling. It now requires Gwyddion 2.59, but it is a lot shorter and contains basically no explicit GTK+ code. The comments were also improved. It should be a better base for writing a Gwyddion module if compatibility with older versions is not required.

2022-05-02: Version 2.61 “Fermentation” was released. It is mainly a bugfix release, with a number of smaller improvements and corrections of problems which appeared in the two previous versions. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2022-03-02: The Gwyddion project received the SourceForge ‘Open Source Excellence’ award.

2022-02-11: Version 1.5 of libgwyfile was released. The library was updated to support data types added to Gwyddion in the last couple of years.


2021-11-12: Version 2.60 “Lawnmower League” was released. It brings a new data type, curve maps, which are sets of curves defined in each image pixel. There are also a bunch of new graph modules and the usual file format improvements. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2021-07-23: Along with data analysis, Gwyddion also offers a number of modules for generation of artificial SPM data (and patterns in general, see GIMP plug-in replacements). If you want to know how artificial data can be used in SPM, you can read our recent review in which we summarised the methods and applications.

2021-06-28: Version 2.59 “Definition Diet” was released. The biggest change was invisible, a major cleanup of module parameter handling. However, it was accompanied with many small improvements in dozens of modules. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2021-02-14: We switched TeX equations in the on-line user guide from PNG to SVG. They now look cleaner, scale nicely with the page, etc. All non-ancient web browsers should have reasonable SVG support – but please report if equations do not display correctly for you.

2021-02-09: Version 2.58 “Plainly Planar” was released. It mainly fixes masked plane levelling, broken in 2.57. However, it includes a few other improvements, for instance in Renishaw support, a new perspective correction function and a new Japanese translation. See the detailed news for the full list of changes.


2020-12-28: Version 2.57 “Professing Profiles” was released. Again, there are a bunch of improvements in file format support, but also new profile extraction and comparison functions, data classification using neural networks and more. See the detailed news for the full list of changes.

2020-09-17: Several new functions added to Gwyddion in the last two releases implement ideas described in our recent papers. Image terrace fitting and Graph terrace fitting implement algorithms described in the Si step evaluation paper. The new Correlation length tool was a repeatedly requested feature. However, it also helps with checking if image dimensions are sufficiently larger than the autocorrelation length for roughness measurement – as discussed in a couple of papers, one more technical and one more high-level.

2020-07-29: To get working Gwyddion packages in Ubuntu you can use the Gwyddion-SPM PPA instead of the broken distro packages (bug 1882441). The PPA also provides more current versions of Gwyddion.

2020-07-12: Gwyddion package in Ubuntu 20.04 (possibly other versions?) is broken, failing to load any modules at startup due to linking issue. See bug 1882441 in Launchpad. At present there is no known workaround aside for compilation from source code (as dscribed in the bug report).

2020-06-30: Version 2.56 “Semiscale” was released. The main improvements are in file format support, but there is also a new tool for autocorrelation length estimation and the usual bunch of bugfixes and smaller improvements. See the detailed news which contain the complete list of changes.

2020-06-08: Version 1.4 of libgwyfile was released. This is mainly a bugfix release, which also adds a couple of functions for object and item copying.

2020-06-02: Version 1.3 of libgwyfile was released. The main addition is an interface for GWY files in memory buffers. The library was also updated to handle new data types introduced in Gwyddion 2.53.


2019-11-04: Version 2.55 “Zzz…” was released. It is mainly a bugfix release bringing back ZIP support in file import modules. However, there are also a few new volume data modules or a number of file format support improvements. See the detailed news for the complete list.

2019-09-22: Version 2.54 was, unfortunately, relased without ZIP support, meaning that a bunch of file formats cannot be loaded: APE DAX, OpenGPS, JPK force data, NanoObserver, NanoScanTech, Olympus POIR, Sensofar PLUx and SPMx. This affects not just MS Windows executables, but ZIP support is silently disabled also when you compile from source code. We will be releasing 2.55 in several weeks with a fix. Please use version 2.53 or development snapshots meanwhile if you need to read some of the affected file formats.

2019-09-04: Version 2.54 added two synthetic data modules, one directly inspired by an old Yeti's GIMP plug-in. We updated the replacement information to illustrate all the recently added data generators.

2019-08-27: Version 2.54 “A Small Step” was released. It fixes a large number of bugs, but also brings a dozen new modules – data process, file, graph – and various smaller improvements. See the detailed news for the complete list.

2019-06-05: Gwyddion is now available as Flatpak app, a cross-distro way of installing stable bundled applications. See the download page for more. In related news, the Fedora 30 repository should be finally working.

2019-05-09: We added a paper describing some recently added MFM data processing methods to the publication list.

2019-03-06: A patch for version 2.53 was published, fixing Gwyddion being unable to find icons and similar data on a Mac. See also Patches.

2019-02-28: A patch for version 2.53 was published, fixing a compilation error with GCC 9. It breaks compilation with other GCC versions, so only apply it when necessary. See also Patches.

2019-02-28: Version 2.53 “OMGOMP” was released. It adds OpenMP parallelisation for a bunch of data processing operations. There are also improvements in basic tools, a few new modules and some bug fixes as usual. See the detailed news for the complete list.


2018-11-21: We would like to invite you to the next biannual SPM workshop which will take place in Lednice (Czech Republic), 27–29 March 2019. Registration will open in November (or December).

2018-11-15: A patch for version 2.52 was published, fixing a build failure on macOS. See also Patches.

2018-11-14: Version 2.52 “Thoroughly Transferred” was released. It brings a few new file import modules, some improvements mainly in MFM and volume data processing and quite a few bug fixes. See the detailed news for the complete list.

2018-10-17: Since Debian is – unfortunately – is going to terminate GTK+2 support, note that it will become rather difficult to install and use Gwyddion in Debian. Not much can be done except the recommendation to use a Linux distribution which values backward compatibility instead.

2018-06-26: Version 2.51 “Astronomical Almanac” was released. It brings over a dozen new modules, many of them MFM and volume data processing-related. See the detailed news for the complete list of improvements and bug fixes.

2018-04-11: Code revisions 20955–20958 were lost due to a outage. The code itself has been recommitted, however, the new revision history is not identical. If you have a working copy updated to the lost revisions, you may be getting error messages from svn. Please assume your working copy is toast and check out a fresh one if it happens.

2018-03-16: We are happy to announce the publication of the second edition of the book Quantitative Data Processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy by Elsevier. It includes descriptions of many ideas in (and behind) Gwyddion, as well as basics of different physical quantities measurements and interpretation using Scanning Probe Microscopy. It is accompanied with a set of freely available sample data covering various types of SPM measurements.

2018-02-02: Version 2.50 “Triangular Trap” was finally released. See the detailed news for the complete list of new modules, file format support improvements and other changes.


2017-09-17: Yeti's talk Gwyddion – Open source software for SPM data analysis was added to presentations.

2017-08-28: A patch for version 2.49 was published, fixing build problems when sed is BSD sed, i.e. on Mac OS X and BSD systems. See also Patches.

2017-08-15: Version 2.49 “Window to the West” was released. As usual, it brings a bundle of new modules and various improvements – and also module bundles. The most noticeable changes are, nevertheless, a new much nicer icon set by Felix Kling and a better widget for adjusting the bazillion parameters of various algorithms. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2017-08-12: Petr's talk Gwyscan – library for smart scanning paths about gwyscan was added to presentations. See also the related paper.

2017-08-11: There seems to be still some interest in GIMP image generation plug-ins Yeti wrote 15 years ago – and abandoned essentially when Gwyddion development started. Although resurrection is unlikely, the good news is that their ideas have found their way into Gwyddion synthetic data modules. We added some information about the correspondence between them.

2017-08-07: A Fedora 26 repository was added.

2017-05-11: A list of Gwyddion-related publications was added – more specifically, publications describing Gwyddion architecture and algorithms or otherwise related to the software in a fundamental manner.

2017-04-29: Version 2.48 “Magnetic Monastery” was released. It brings a bunch of MFM-related modules as well as the usual collection of new and improved file import modules and bugfixes. There is also a new translation, Brazilian Portugese. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2017-01-18: A Fedora 25 repository was added. We are sorry for the delay.


2016-11-18: Version 2.47 “Pythocalypse” was released. It would be mostly a bugfix release, repairing selections that did not work properly in several modules. Except for one thing, a complete overhaul of pygwy (including a few API changes). And finally, Python scripting is also described in the user guide now. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2016-10-31: A patch for version 2.46 was published, fixing broken function gwy_selection_set_data() that affects selections in Correct Affine, Measure Lattice, Straighten Path and a few other functions. See also Patches.

2016-10-18: A patch for version 2.46 was published, fixing compilation failure of the JPK scan file module when minizip is not available. See also Patches.

2016-10-14: Version 2.46 “Lichen Logistics” was released, bringing geometrical shape fitting, a new grain marking function, editable toolbox, new file modules and lots of other improvements. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2016-09-04: Gwyddion has conquered space! The analysis of comet dust images from the Micro-Imaging Dust Analysis System (MIDAS) in the famous Rosetta space probe studying Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko employed Gwyddion. See the ESA blog post and the full paper in Nature.

2016-07-21: A Fedora 24 repository was added. In related news, a patch for version 2.45 was published, fixing broken installation of API documentation with gtk-doc 1.25+ (which can in turn break package builds). See also Patches.

2016-07-20: A new version of the sample standalone module was released: threshold-example-2.5. A bug affecting the Mask mode was fixed and the handling of settings now more closely matches a typical Gwyddion module. A few pieces of the code were also slightly modernised (without increasing minimum required Gwyddion version).

2016-04-27: Version 1.2 of libgwyfile was released. The library was updated to handle new data types introduced in Gwyddion 2.45.

2016-04-26: Version 2.45 “Scatter and Slither” was released with a large number of new features, user interface improvements – and also initial native XYZ data support. See the detailed news for the complete list of changes.

2016-03-20: Some results, the ‘right’ values and remarks to the user influence survey are now available. See the description of each individual task for a link to the results and remarks. There may be some further elaboration and refinements, anyway, the results will hopefully satisfy your curiosity for now.

2016-03-01: The user influence survey is now closed. Thanks all who participated. We will publish the ‘right’ values and some remarks here after the Nanoscale conference.

2016-01-31: We have received a fair number of responses in the user influence survey so far and would like to thank all who participated. The survey form will be open to the end of February (which is also when the MS Windows installer will finally stop advertising it).

If you have not tested your data processing skills yet please download the survey images and fill your best estimates in the form. Thanks!

2016-01-12: Version 1.1 of libgwyfile was released, fixing a couple of bugs and improving error reporting and MSVC support.

2016-01-11: Version 2.44 “Entropy Everywhere” was released, bringing a few new features, but mainly lots of bug fixes and file format support improvements. As usual, the detailed news lists them all.


2015-12-20: A Fedora 23 repository was added. Note there were a few problems with various auxiliary developer scripts (cross build, night build, …) in F23. The scripts should be generally fixed in svn now.

2015-11-16: Complete MSVC development package is now available for Gwyddion compilation and development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015. The package was prepared for Gwyddion 2.43 (the last stable version) and is still under development. Feedback is welcome.

2015-12-14: Please participate in our user influence survey in which we are trying to characterise the influence of humans on quantitative AFM results. The survey is fun because it consists of actual data processing (as opposed to just filling some boring forms) and it should not take more than several minutes of your time. At least unless you decide to figure out the absolutely best possible data processing procedures, in which case it can take an arbitrarily long time…

2015-12-10: If you use pygwy in MS Windows please avoid the Python 2.7.11 package (the latest one at this moment) because it causes a crash during Gwyddion startup. To stop the crashes once Python 2.7.11 has been already installed it is not sufficient to downgrade to a lower version. Apparently it is necessary to not only uninstall Python but also delete manually C:\Python27 and then reinstall all Python packages afresh. Known good versions:

2015-11-25: Version 2.43 “Respectable Rotunda” was released. The number of improvements and bug fixes is large but they are scattered all over the program. See the detailed news for their full list.

2015-11-02: Broken Fedora 22 repository causing the RPM signature check to fail with ‘No such file or directory’ was hopefully fixed.

2015-10-07: Version 2.42 “Even Enlightenment” was released. The change everyone will probably notice is the new line correction module. There are however plenty of other improvements. See the detailed news for a full list of changes.

2015-07-29: We lost a few recent commits in the restoration of subversion repository from backup. The corresponding changes have been recommitted and subversion should be working normally now. However, the revision history since r17212 (including) has changed.

It is recommended to check out fresh working copies of all svn modules and transfer any changes you might have to the new copies. If you have a working copy updated to a r17212 or later, you must check it out afresh. If you observe anything odd with subversion please report it.

2015-07-16: There was a major outage of services due to a storage failure. File download works, but subversion, discussion, etc. are out of order at this moment. Details can be found at the SourceForge blog.

2015-07-13: Version 1.0 of libgwyfile was released. Several bugs were fixed since version 0.9 and MS Windows support was greatly improved. The library is considered stable now.

2015-05-26: Version 2.41 “Moderate Memories” was released with a large number of smaller improvements and bug fixes. See the detailed news for a full list of changes.

2015-03-31: Version 0.9 of libgwyfile was released. This is a beta version. All planned functionality is generally present, however, it might not be tested properly.

2015-03-13: A Fedora 21 yum repository was finally added. We are sorry for the long delay.

2015-02-07: Version 2.40 “Mean Medians” was released. It contains several new modules and features, however, as nothing was completely rewritten this time and some bugs were fixed, it should be even more stable than the usual stable. See the full list of changes for details.


2014-12-24: The first public version of libgwyfile was released: libgwyfile-0.8. The generic GWY file functionality is complete, however, most functions for convenient reading and writing of Gwyddion GWY files are still missing.

2014-12-07: Work has started on libgwyfile, a small MIT-licensed embeddable library for reading and writing of GWY files. No versioned release has been made yet but it is taking shape fast.

2014-11-14: Version 2.39 “Magnitude and Direction” was released with several new file modules, a new translation and other improvements. The most anticipated feature is, however, probably the rewritten image export. See the full list for details.

2014-09-26: A patch for version 2.38 was published, fixing a crash in Statistical Functions tool when the table is saved to a file. See also Patches.

2014-09-18: A new version of the sample standalone module was released: threshold-example-2.4. It includes support for integrated help, introduced in Gwyddion 2.38, and fixes version check issues. So the sample module is still compatible with older versions of Gwyddion.

2014-09-18: Version 2.38 “Index Infiltration” was released, featuring an integrated help (sort of), a bunch of new file modules, pygwy and volume data processing improvements and more. The detailed news contains the full list.

2014-07-22: The sample standalone module, was moved to Applications, reducing the download page clutter a bit.

2014-06-27: Version 2.37 “Too Technical Tears” was released. It contains a number of mask and grain-related improvements but also a new file module, synthesis module and lots of other goodies. See the detailed news for the full list.

2014-06-13: A page with tutorials was added, including the nice set of video tutorials by Waldemar Smirnov originally published at

2014-06-06: The on-line module list is now available in all languages for which a user guide translation exists. The links in language version of the list point to the documentation written in the same language.

2014-04-07: We are happy to announce the publication of a Measurement Science and Technology paper Independent analysis of mechanical data from atomic force microscopy which deals with independent volume force-distance data fitting. The integration of the methods described there to Gwyddion is underway, at least a part should appear in the following version.

2014-04-03: Download links that point to the file repository were corrected to point directly to the actual files. We are sorry for the inconvenience when they were being redirected to the repository root.

2014-04-02: Version 2.36 “Casual Collider” was released. The main new features are three synthetic data modules but there was a bunch of other changes, see the detailed news for the full list.

2014-03-03: A new version of the sample standalone module, threshold-example-2.3, was released. It includes support for logging of data operations which was introduced in Gwyddion 2.35. The logging support is compiled only if a sufficiently new Gwyddion is found so the sample module is still compatible with older versions.

2014-03-02: Version 2.35 “Record Rampage” was released. See the detailed news for the full list of changes.


2013-12-18: Updated MS Windows installers, denoted 2.34-1, were released to correct the crash when Gwyddion is run in Italian.

2013-12-16: A patch for version 2.34 was published, fixing a crash when Gwyddion is run in Italian. See also Patches.

2013-12-15: Version 2.34 “The Frame Fungus” was released. It brings new affine distortion correction and Otsu's thresholding modules and a number of NT-MDT improvements – among lots of other changes that are all listed in the detailed news. It also brings some toolbox tweaks, which requires the obligatory XKCD reference.

2013-12-13: A new version of the sample standalone module, threshold-example-2.2, was released. It contains updated cross-compilation instructions and some small bug fixes.

2013-11-10: Maybe you did not know that the Gwyddion toolbox can be customised and reorganised for faster access to functions you use often. Even though it has been possible for a long time, no documentation how to do it existed. But now it does.

2013-10-17: Version 2.33 “Travelling Tips” was released. This is mostly a bugfix release although it contains some improvements and one new file module. See the detailed list of changes for more.

2013-09-08: Version 2.32 “Barrel of Bricks” was released. The biggest change is the support for volume data as a first-class data type. See the list of changes for a detailed list of what is new. If you use the 64bit MS Windows package it is recommended to upgrade by uninstallation of the previous version and installation of the new version.

2013-04-01: Petr's talk Use of Gwyddion libraries for your little tasks was added to presentations.

2013-02-21: Version 2.31 “Sixty-four Sharp Splinters” was released. It was long in the making so the list of changes is also quite long.

2013-02-19: MS Windows development snapshots are released as both 32bit and 64bit packages. The Win64 packages are still somewhat experimental and do not include pygwy yet. If you are interested in 64bit MS Windows support please help with testing.


2012-12-07: A patch for version 2.30 was published, fixing crashes if an attempt is made to change the mask colour in various data processing functions. The fix has aleady been present in the nightly builds for some time. However, raising the awareness of this annoying bug will, hopefully, increase the chance the fix finds its way into third-party Gwyddion packages.

2012-12-07: We are happy to announce the publication of a book on Quantitative Data Processing in Scanning Probe Microscopy by Elsevier. It includes descriptions of many ideas in (and behind) Gwyddion, as well as basics of different physical quantities measurements and interpretation using Scanning Probe Microscopy.

2012-10-11: A yum repository for Fedora was created at Its primary purpose it to ease the setup of a cross-compilation environment, nevertheless, it also contains a native Gwyddion package you can use in Fedora.

2012-09-21: Version 2.30 “Circular Creatures” was released, with new grain quantities, rewritten neural network module, some Win32 improvements and the usual bag of file format support fixes and other small changes. See the the complete news.

2012-07-25: A new Win32 installer denoted 2.29-1 was released, correcting an odd startup warning about python27.dll appearing on some systems if Python was not installed.

2012-07-20: Version 2.29 “Is It Raining Unicorns Or What?” was released and it should please all Python scripting fans because the MS Windows package now comes with pygwy included while on Unix a standalone gwy module is available now so you can run Gwyddion Python scripts outside Gwyddion. And median line levelling now supports masking. If you think this is not enough see the full list of good news.

2012-07-20: The project upgrade have also brought a wiki and web forums. Log in to your account to edit/post.

2012-07-19: Due to a project upgrade, the subversion URLs have changed. You will probably need a fresh checkout with the new URL for each module. For a simple read-only HTTP access check out for instance See the on-line repo browser for other options.

2012-07-15: A new version of the sample standalone module, threshold-example-2.1, was relased. The main change is the removal of MSVC files and support for cross-compilation for Win32 in Linux.

2012-06-06: A page with Gwyddion presentations was added, only containing three at this moment. More should gradually appear.

2012-05-18: Version 2.28 was released with several new file modules and also data processing modules related to simulation of real measurements. See the defailed news for the full list.

2012-05-03: The FreeBSD port of Gwyddion was updated again after a long time and it corresponds to the current stable version 2.27 now, thanks to Muhammad Moinur Rahman.

2012-04-16: Version 2.27 was released with a couple of new files modules and some other fixes and improvements that are listed in full in the defailed news.


2011-12-20: A patch for version 2.26 was published, restoring compatibility with Gtk+ 2.8. See also Patches.

2011-12-17: Version 2.26 “Dragging Delights” was released, bringing 3D overlays, configurable keyboard shortcuts and the usual bunch of new file modules, improvements and fixes. See the defailed news for the full list.

2011-12-08: Nightly snapshots are released as xz-compressed tarballs now instead of bzip2-compressed to substantially reduce their size. The gzip-compressed format is kept.

2011-12-08: Nightly builds are available as Ubuntu PPA, maintained by Nicola Ferralis who also maintains a script to build them on OS X, see Nightly snapshots for more.

2011-11-21: A paper about Gwyddion was published in Central European Journal of Physics. See the Frequently asked question for details.

2011-06-11: An updated MS Windows installer, denoted 2.25-1, was released to correct the missing Spanish translation. It also includes two additional small bugfixes.

2011-06-06: Version 2.25 “Domesticated Depths” was released. See the defailed news for the list of all changes.

2011-05-25: gwybatch, a sample command-line batch SPM data processing program using Gwyddion libraries, that had been hiding in dark corners of for some time, was ‘officially’ published and described in the Applications section.

2011-05-18: It has been reported that Gwyddion is not functional in Ubuntu Unity environment due to incorrect function of menus. The recommended solution is to avoid Unity and use a fully functional desktop environment such as XFce, KDE or the Gnome Shell instead. Patches adapting Gwyddion for Unity are, of course, welcome.

2011-05-15: A makeshift replacement for the CIA commit overview is available at

2011-05-12: The CIA service, where Gwyddion subversion commits could be watched, seems to be closed for good. At present, the closest substitute is probably the SourceForge news feed which, unfortunately, lacks commit messages and changed files in the overview.

2011-05-11: The set of sample Gwyddion files was extended, a bit late, with a modern version 2 sample GWY file and also a GSF file.

2011-04-28: A patch was published, fixing termination of the program if freehand drawing is used in Mask Editor tool. See also Patches.

2011-04-18: I was horrified and disgusted by finding that some microscopy software saves data as the plug-in proxy internal(!) .dump files. Do not do this. Really. Use GSF instead. Anyone caught writing software that saves .dump files will be hanged at sunrise on the nearest plane tree.

2011-04-08: Version 2.24 “Squirrel in the Stable” was released; this is mostly a bugfix release. The defailed news lists the changes.

2011-03-08: The MS Windows installer of version 2.23 contained some bits not up to date with the final 2.23 release, noticeably translations, and the installed program also confusingly advertised itself as version 2.22. A new package denoted 2.23-1 was released to correct this. It also includes an updated Italian translation and fixes the slowness of the language selector in the installer.

2011-03-05: Version 2.23 “Utmost Uncertainty” was released, bringing the calibration framework and also substantial changes in MS Windows compilation and packaging, among a large number of other improvements and fixes. The defailed news lists them all.

2011-02-04: Version 2.1 of gwydump was released. Support for compilation with MSVC6 was removed but some cross-compilation support was added. MS Windows executables are available at Gwyddion SourceForge pages.


2010-12-12: The nightly snapshots of Gwyddion for MS Windows are built on Linux using MinGW32 cross-compilation, the same way as version 2.23 is planned to be built. You are encouraged to try them – though first please read the information about the changes (preliminary, at this moment).

2010-12-12: The user documentation section was a bit reorganised, reflecting that the user guide is updated continuously (i.e. there are no versioned releases) and it has several language versions. Also the old copy of the guide under /documentation/user-guide was finally removed. Please update your links to either a specific language version such as /documentation/user-guide-en/ or to /documentation/#user.

2010-12-06: Version 2.22 “Probably Placed” was released. The full list of changes can be found in the usual place.

2010-10-26: Version 2.21 “Built for Brno” was released. Participants of conference NanoScale 2010 that is co-organized by CMI will get it on a promotional CD at the registration. See the the detailed news for the full list of changes.

2010-06-30: Version 2.20 “Summer Surprise” was released. It adds support for the new Gwyddion Simple Field (GSF) file format and brings other improvements; see the the detailed news for more.

2009-12-15: Version 2.19 “Remote Remorse” was released. It adds three new file modules and fixes the nasty X11 remote control bug, among other things, see the the detailed news for more.


2009-11-22: Nightly snapshots of all language versions of Gwyddion user guide are available also for on-line reading.

2009-11-11: A new version of Gwyddion user guide was released. Ready-to-read formats (HTML, PDF) were still published only for the English version. However, the work on French and Russian versions progresses well. The DocBook sources contain all the languages, also the nightly snapshots are available for all languages.

2009-10-04: Patch fixing the failure to start with option --remote-new on X11, which is how the default desktop menu entries and launchers run Gwyddion, was published. See also Patches.

2009-10-03: Version 2.18 “Delaunay Delusion” was released. The new features and other changes are described in the detailed news.

2009-09-22: Version 2.17 “Leopard Lesson” was released. See the detailed news for more. Warning: New functions in Data Process → Synthetic can be dangerous for your productivity. Unfortunately, more similar functions are expected in the following versions.

2009-09-04: The GladeWin32 download links have been changed to direct downloads to avoid confusion regarding what Gtk+ runtime package is necessary to run Gwyddion on MS Windows. Note the current release of the user guide still contains the old, somewhat unhelpful links.

2009-07-31: A new version of Gwyddion user guide was released. The biggest change is the availability of a PDF version, however, there were many other improvements and updates.

2009-07-29: After quite a long time, the FreeBSD port of Gwyddion was brought up to date so it is at version 2.16 now. If you use Gwyddion on FreeBSD you are encouraged to take over the maintainership to help making the port updates more regular.

2009-06-25: Version 2.16 “The TIFF Toll” was released. See the detailed news for more.

2009-05-20: Version 2.15 “Quartz Quest” was released. Not everything works smoothly with the Gtk+ Quartz port but hopefully we are getting there... This is mostly a bug-fix release, see the detailed list of changes.

2009-05-04: Patch fixing possible crash when a new channel or graph is created was released. See also Patches.

2009-03-18: Version 2.14 “Treacherous Thumbnails” was released. The detailed list of user visible changes is avilable in the usual place. Big thanks goes to Даниил Браташов for thorough translation testing and reporting of many translatability problems.

2009-02-10: Unfortunately, we did not get MSVC files completely right in version 2.13 either. To build this version of Gwyddion on MS Windows you need this patch.

2009-02-09: Version 2.13 “Rough Rounding” was released. See the detailed news for more.

2009-01-07: Unix manual pages of Gwyddion command are avilable on-line.

2009-01-05: Version 2.12 tarballs were unfortunately released with not up-to-date MSVC files. To compile Gwyddion 2.12 on MS Windows, this patch is necessary.

2009-01-04: Version 2.12 “Potty Pixels” was released. See the detailed news for more.


2008-12-16: Version 2.11 “Lurking Lines” was released. See the detailed news for more.

2008-09-09: The sample standalone module threshold-example was updated to actually build and work with Gwyddion 2.x.

2008-07-01: Version 2.10 was released. See the detailed news for more.

2008-01-21: Official Debian unstable packages of Gwyddion are available.


2007-10-19: Version 2.9 “FT2 Farewell” was released, it requires Gtk+ 2.8 (at least) on all platforms. Win32 executables were released too. See the detailed news for more.

2007-09-27: Former Tools and Toys were moved from download page to a new section Gwyddion Applications and two new Gwyddion applications were added: gwyfract and grapherAD.

2007-09-13: A patch that fixes compilation with GLib older than 2.10 was released.

2007-09-06: Jan Beyer created Debian Etch/i386 packages of Gwyddion, you are encouraged to test them, see the Debian section of the download page.

2007-09-03: Gwyiew-2.0 was released. It works with recent versions Gwyddion, which means it not only compiles with it but is also capable of displaying files with multiple channels.

2007-09-03: Win32 executables of version 2.8 were released.

2007-09-01: Version 2.8 source code is available on SourceForge, as usual.

2007-08-31: Version 2.8 “Freedom for Fourier” was released, see the detailed change list.

Note due to an upload mistake and SourceForge restrictions, the source code will appear there with a delay (probably tomorrow). Downloads from this site work normally.

2007-08-09: OpenSuSE packages of Gwyddion were added to See the SuSE section of the download page for details.

2007-07-09: Win32 installer of the user guide was released.

2007-07-03: Win32 executables of version 2.7 were released.

2007-06-28: A new version of Gwyddion user guide was released.

2007-06-26: Version 2.7 was released, the full list of changes is too long for anyone to read, but it can be found anyway on the detailed news page.

But wait… What happened to version 2.6? Was it abducted by aliens and all our memories of it erased? It is a true mystery.

2007-04-26: A testing Fink info file is available in the OS X download section.

2007-03-12: Win32 executables of version 2.5 were released.

2007-03-09: Version 2.5 was released, the full list of changes can be found in the detailed news.

2007-02-06: Win32 executables of version 2.4 were released and also a Win32 installer of the user guide.

2007-02-04: A new version of Gwyddion user guide was released.

2007-02-01: Version 2.4 was released. In particular it fixes the file import problems of 2.3 – see the detailed news for more.

2007-01-30: Port science/gwyddion was commited to MacPorts. Mac OS X users can install Gwyddion by more convenient means now. The testing Portfile was removed from this site.

2007-01-28: Updated MacPorts Portfile for version 2.3 was released.

2007-01-25: Win32 executables of version 2.3 were released.

2007-01-23: Debian sarge i386 package of version 2.3 was released. Also a patch necessary to compile version 2.3 on certain systems (at this moment only SuSE 10 is known to be affected) was released.

2007-01-21: Version 2.3 was released with a large number of smaller improvements and bug fixes – see the detailed list of changes.

2007-01-03: Win32 executables of version 2.2 were released. We are sorry for the long delay.


2006-12-15: Version 2.2 was released. It adds quite a few new features (list of changes), but the reason why everyone wants it are previews in the file open dialog.

2006-12-10: Due to the deployment of a new Subversion access method on, the preferred repository access URLs have changed to… (the host name now contains the project name).

2006-11-17: A patch for version 2.1 fixing build errors on big-endian systems was released together with an updated MacPorts Portfile.

2006-11-10: Win32 executables of version 2.1 were released.

2006-11-09: A new version of Gwyddion user guide was released.

2006-11-05: Version 2.1 was released. Among other things it brings the long-awaited PSI HDF4 import, see the detailed news for more.

2006-10-05: Screenshots showing an ancient version 1.5 were replaced with a more up to date set.

2006-10-03: Win32 executables of version 2.0 were released.

2006-10-02: Gwyddion source code version control system has changed from CVS to Subversion. See the repository layout description and Sourceforge Subversion instructions. Also, a testing version of OS X Macports port is available.

2006-09-30: Version 2.0 was released. This is the start of a new stable serie. Get it, see list of changes against version 1.99.9.

2006-09-19: An overview of major user-visible changes in the upcoming version 2.0 was published: What is new in Gwyddion 2.0.

2006-09-07: Development version 1.99.9 was released. This is very likely the last beta version before 2.0, please test and report problems. See also the (relatively short) list of changes against 1.99.8.

2006-09-05: Gwydump 2.0 was released. It adds dumps of arrays, binary data extraction, limits of maximum nesting depth and some consistency fixes. It also has a page of its own now, with some documentation.

2006-08-11: Port science/gwyddion of version 1.99.8 was accepted to the FreeBSD Ports Collection.

2006-08-10: Development version 1.99.8 was released, see detailed news for the list of changes. This is a beta version, the next version may be 2.0. Please test and report problems.

2006-08-09: Gwyddion Bugzilla was finally dismantled.

2006-07-28: The web site style was updated, hopefully working around Microsoft Internet Explorer deficiences and considerably improving printing support.

2006-06-13: Gwydump 1.1 was released, it fixes miscellaneous bugs and adds MSVC support.

2006-06-01: Win32 binaries of version 1.99.7 are available for download.

2006-05-29: A Debian/i386 (sarge) package of version 1.99.7 is available for download.

2006-05-28: Development version 1.99.7 was released with many improvements in tools, graphs, file import and other areas, see the detailed news for more. Note the MS Windows build system is set up to require Gtk+ 2.8.

2006-05-20: A Debian/i386 (sarge) package of version 1.16 is available.

2006-05-13: The CVS service at where Gwyddion is hosted was upgraded, resulting in some CVS access changes: The new server host name is (instead of just and the new on-line browser URL is

2006-04-18: A new stable version 1.16 was released, bringing import capabilities for several new file formats (thanks to everyone who made it possible), a couple of serious big-endian fixes (OS X users should definitely upgrade), and other smaller improvements. See detailed news for the complete list. MS Windows users please note the recommended Gtk+ package is still Gtk+ 2.4 from GladeWin32 for the stable versions.

2006-04-17: Participation/Contribution was updated to emphasize the areas where your help is needed the most.

2006-04-02: A list of miscellaneous resources and links was added, nightly CVS snapshots are available from the normal download page now. In other words, everything that used to be on Yeti's Gwyddion page at in available on Gwyddion bugzilla, located there, was deprecated, see contact for current preferred method to report bugs.

2006-03-08: Debian (sarge) packages of both Gwyddion 1.15 and 1.99.6 are available (prepared by Ranjan Grover). Fetch them from the Download page.

2006-02-26: Development version 1.99.6 was released, adding support for multiple data in one file, see the detailed news for more. Note some modules, namely tools, can still work with the first data in a file only, which can lead to various odd effects.

2006-01-22: CVS HEAD developer documentation (updated once a day) was moved from Yeti's site here, see Documentation index.

2006-01-02: Version 1.15 was released, fixing compilation on OS X and a few other bugs. See the detailed news for more.


2005-12-20: A new development version 1.99.5 was released, see detailed news for more. We focused on finishing of unfinished features and stabilization so it might be a bit less unstable than the other unstable versions.
Note if you compile it with FFTW support on a 64bit system, FFT-related functions will occasionally crash – this is a known FFTW problem which will be fixed in next FFTW release and possibly worked around in a future Gwyddion release.

2005-11-12: A new version of User guide was released. It's a work in progress, but we hope at least the progress is noticeable.

2005-11-07: A new stable version 1.14 was released, it adds supports for new file formats and fixes a few bugs. See the detailed news for more.

2005-10-10: A PC-BSD package is now available thanks to Tom Anderson and Kris Moore (package page). Gwyddion still doesn't have any classic BSD port, though (hint, hint).

2005-10-06: Development version 1.99.4 was released. See detailed news for more.

2005-09-19: Version 1.13 was released, it is the first version that works on Mac OS X. See the detailed news for the complete list of improvements and fixes.

2005-08-25: Gentoo Linux has added sci-misc/gwyddion package to Portage tree. To install Gwyddion in Gentoo, just emerge it!

2005-08-19: Gwyddion was registered to CIA notification system so you can watch CVS commits at its CIA page or even using RSS.

2005-07-15: New stable version 1.12 was released, beside fixed bugs it also adds a few new features. See the detailed news for details.

2005-07-11: Development version 1.99.3 was released (download). It brings data views and graphs much nearer to MVC pattern, see the detailed news for more.

2005-06-27: A new version of User guide was released, with a few improvements and corrections. Its license was changed to dual GNU GPL/GNU FDL.

2005-06-03: Version 1.11 (stable) was released, it fixes various bugs, namely file import related. See the detailed news for details.

2005-05-25: A new mailing list was created: gwyddion-users, you can subscribe at its sourceforge page. Sourceforge file release system was also set up as the default download source.

2005-04-18: Development version 1.99.2 was released (download, news). It primarily adds forward-ports of new modules from stable branch. A site map was added.

2005-04-07: A new stable version 1.10 was released. It supports five new file formats and some existing were improved. Please see the detailed news for details. We'd like to thank all who contributed file format specifications and/or data file samples.

2005-03-22: Development version 1.99.1 was released (download, news). This is a code-cleanup version, there are no new user visible features yet.

2005-03-09: Version 1.9 was released, see the detailed news for more. Stay with Gtk+ 2.4 on MS Windows. Work on Gwyddion-2 has begun; however, there will be at least one (and maybe more) stable 1.x version, see future plans for more.

2005-02-24: Module browser is available on-line: nifty version (needs a good Web browser), plain expanded table.

2005-01-25: We would like to invite you to an international workshop on SPM analysis that we are organizing in March 2005 in Brno, Czech Republic. See details for more information.

2005-01-24: Version 1.8 was released, see the detailed news for more. MS Windows users please note Gtk+ 2.6 is not supported on Win32, use Gtk+ 2.4 (eventually 2.2) with Gwyddion.


2004-12-30: Gwyddion and user guide releases were duplicated to file release system, featuring a network of high-capacity download servers, which is the preferred download source now. Older releases will be removed from, current version will be available from both places.

2004-12-15: A much improved Gwyddion User Guide was released. See also Documentation for download links.

2004-12-12: Version 1.7 was released. Please see the detailed news for list of all the great new features.

2004-11-28: New io_tm_common module with some improvements (exporting metadata) at download page.

2004-10-30: Gwyddion was registered as a SourceForge project and its CVS repository was moved there, so it is public now.

2004-10-26: Gwyddion 1.6 was released. Please see the detailed news for more.

2004-09-27: New screenshots were added. The old ones, showing a prepre-release, finally went to shredder.

2004-09-21: Gwyddion 1.5 was released, featuring 3D data view which also brings a new dependency: GtkGLExt. Please see the detailed news for more.

2004-08-04: Gwyddion 1.4 was released. Please see the detailed news for more.

2004-07-24: Site got face-lift. We hope you like the new design and are sorry for URIs changed during refactorization.

2004-06-02: Gwyddion 1.3 was released. It fixes major bugs and compatibility problems with Gtk+-2.4, everyone should upgrade (see the detailed news for more).

2004-05-21: Gwyddion 1.2 was released. Please see the detailed news for more information.

2004-04-13: Gwyddion 1.1 was released. Please see the detailed news for more information.

2004-03-10: First stable version - Gwyddion 1.0 released.

2004-03-02: First stable version candidate - Gwyddion 0.99.1 released.

2004-02-03: Screenshots added.

2004-01-27: Pages in reconstruction.

2004-01-26: Pre-pre-release sent to volunteers.

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